Professional Software Engineering with 25+ Years of Experience

Agat Systems has proven experience, knowledge, and skills at helping organizations enhance their productivity and innovate their business. We provide world-class software development services to such major clients as Apple, Nokia, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, Telefonica, Thales, BBVA, etc.

Do you want to reach optimal efficiency in the organization of your projects? Our large scope of end-to-end software development services can help your business outrun the competition.

Our team of professional engineers, developers, and consultants can provide strong expertise at every phase of your project: inception, analysis, design, development, quality assurance and test automation, deployment, maintenance and support. Starting cooperation with our company, you get a software engineering assistant to construct a bug-free business application. Our experts can also help you build an embedded solution from scratch.

We are those who adapt to your specific requirements in the development of a custom solution. If you need an engineering partner who speaks your language, understands your needs and expectations, and always aims at delivering added value to your business, then our company is a perfect choice to successfully outsource your small, medium or large software engineering projects.

Most importantly, our IT specialists are proficient in a range of state-of-the-art technologies and engineering practices to deliver a high-end software product that meets your business goals.